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Hank Listener Comments

I can't express enough my gratitude to you. I have lived on both west and east coasts and from Colorado to Montana. 95.9 is simply the best!!! To play anything country--now that's awesome! I can't tell you how deeply I cherish being able to hear Reba McEntire and John Denver on the same station. Many, many of the older songs you play are ones that I grew up listening to with my dad. Dad is now gone, and your radio station keeps me connected to him in a way that nothing else does. I listen to you and am able to rekindle cherished memories of those bygone years. I don't have copies of those old recordings, so being able to hear them again is a feeling second-to-none. Thank you for all that you do.
Kindest Regards,
Shyann Cody, Columbia Falls


Best country music station in the west!
Tom Robinson, Bigfork, MT

Hank is the best station around, from my grandpa's country to my country on one station!

I Love this station! I keep it on in my car all the time, it's all i listen to!

Even as a kid in my early teens, I love Hank!!! I love country/bluegrass so I'm just so impressed by the sheer variety...keep it up!!!

I been listening for the past 8 mths. your station and is absolutley the best country station I ever heard....keep up the great work.

95.9 Hank FM is a breath of fresh air! It's the #1 choice for me at home and in my truck. You play the widest variety of country music I've ever heard and **I LOVE IT**. Keep it up!! (I think we'd all be suicidal if we had to listen to that other station) Remember, its God, Family and Country, in that order... :)

I love Hank FM. I used to channel surf trying to find something I wanted to listen to. After tuning into Hank, I no longer channel surf, I am tuned in all the time. Thanks Hank for such a great channel.

We're vacationing in Montana, presently in Polson. I absolutely LOVE your station. Most other stations play the same songs over and over, but you're different! Wish I could take you home with me!
Carol from Florida

I live in Idaho, but traveled up through Kalispell and Whitefish one day last week and was delighted to find your station. I love the fact that you mention you don't have "DJs laughing at their own jokes in the mornings"! It's good to know that evidently I'm not the only person who didn't find their chit-chat nearly as funny as they normally do. I also LOVED your mix of songs and heard a bunch that I hadn't heard for a long time. I was able to pick your station up all the way into Missoula, and sure hated to get out of your broadcast area. Thanks for a great station with some great ideas - keep up the good work!

Hank VS. The Bear is like Flathead VS. Glacier. There’s just no competition! Hank (and FHS) both Country (not Rock)! I Love U Hank!

Hank FM is the best there is. The weekend oldies are great. I'm not much of a new song guy. Unless it is from George Strait. Keep up the good work.

Best radio station I ever heard......wish you had an AM station the same way, your station is second to none anywhere!
Seldon Reum

You guys are the embodiment of good ole country. I like to hear the new stuff but after 20 times in one day, you want to tear your ears off. Thanks for mixing it up and throwing in a bunch of awesome oldies. Finally a station one can listen to all day and not go nuts, in fact, just the opposite, it makes you nuts about it!

Hank is the Best Station Ever, I love how you play mostly oldies and classics. I hate hearing the top 40 over and over again.

I Love it. I Have lived in seven states and this is the best mix of old and new I have ever heard! Keep up the good work

95.9 Hank FM is sooooooooo much better than the Bear! What a great variety of music! Songs I haven't heard in a long time - sure brings back great memories!! Keep up the good work!!

Great music, old and new! Country music I grew up with and the new country too. Where else can you get sounds like this!?! NoWhere!
Sharon Bowman, Marion

I had to transfer up here from Missoula just to be able to listen to GOOD Country music!

I was in Whitefish on business and found you on the radio. Never...never have I come across so much of a playlist. Wow! Listened to you for probably 10 hours in the car over a 3 day period. Terrific! It was great to hear John Denver again...many good songs. Good luck Hank,

I like Varity Country and Western. Hank reminds me of ...well ME!!! Keep it going, and God Bless Our Troops.

Wonderful, Awesome, I love it! It's so good to hear tunes that we can sing along with sung by artists we know! Best thing to come along in years, keep it up!

I was out there recently looking to relocate. Your station blows away anything I've ever heard! Coming from the midwest (Chicago and now northern Minnesota) this broadcast gem in Montana is wonderful! Once I'm out here permanently, HANK has my vote all the time!!
Kick ass Hank!!!
Jeff N.Bemidji

I have never been a fan of the newer country. Hank is wonderful. I haven't listened to the other country station in months and i hope i never have to listen to it again! It's great to hear the variety and the classics, i don't mind a few new songs and i like how Hank plays the new songs i like.

I starting listening to Hank and not once have changed the channel since he's come on the air. Thank you so much for playing the music that my dad loved and I grew up with. You've brought back lots of happy memories especially since my dad has passed on. Keep playing more Johnny!
Susan Duncan, Columbia Falls

Hank FM is the best station ever! We listen to you everyday, 8+ hours at the job sites. Thanks for the great music, keep it up!

Our 8 year old son's name is Hank and even more special to be able to share with our kids all the great COUNTRY music like we used to know!! Thanks HANK!!

FANTASTIC! I was so sick of listening to the same songs over and over that I had actually turned off the radio in our shop! My daughter convinced to to give HANK a try and I'm glad I did. A big THANKS TO HANK! It's about time!

Love the Hank Sound! Pure Country! The oldies and the goodies! We have even named one of the newest ranch horses Hank!
Thanks Hank! Bodee

You guys blow away that other country station, seriously! You can set your watch by how many times Garth Brooks comes on with that station!

FINALLY!!!! There are people in the Flathead valley who actually know what Country Music is and are willing to provide some quality radio listening entertainment...THANK YOU!!!

I really enjoy the variety of the music you play. I have your station going in my Eureka Chiropractic Office. Patients comment on the music and ask what station is on. I tell them HANK FM! Thanks guys for the great Music!
Dr. Des Graham, Eureka, MT

I listen to Hank FM every morning and I gotta say this is the best station in the valley. You can listen to a lot of the old favorites and it brings back good memories!

Thanks for the great music you do a fine job Hank. You let the music do the talkin, I really enjoy hearing country classics and the new good songs together. This is the station I have waited 50 years for. I like your website and I appreciate your strong signal. Great Music. Thanks Hank!
Bill T, Plaines, MT

Thanks for such a great radio station. I love the music and the variation in what's played! You guys are awesome, keep up the good work!!
Elijah S. Corrigan, Kalispell

Halleluiah! Finally... An honest country music ststion! It's about time! Thanks Mr. BEE!
John O'Cain, Bigfork

Hank is super!!!! I was so upset about the 'other country station'! I was SICK of hearing all of the chatter and all of the repeats! You are the very best. THANKS
Donna from Olney.

Thanks for not playing rascal flats every other song. And thanks for not talking so damn much. You have won alot of new fans. The old country songs are great to hear on the fm dial!

For two older country music fans that we are, Hank sure fits the bill. We have Hank tuned in exclusively on the truck, car and two radios in our home. I listen to it on my headphones when I walk at the Gateway Mall. Thanks again for bringing Hank FM to the Flathead! Sincerely, Terry and Susan Gensmann

My wife and I were in Whitefish/Kalispell last week and found your station! Wow, now THAT'S a country station! Rich and Patti Trabuco - Canyon, California

You guys are really doin a great job! I'm listening to the radio again because of you! It's nice to actually hear some variety!

I love the New Hank FM. Its my favorite station in the flathead.
Ashley Fleming, Whitefish

I got XM raido a year ago in the hopes of finding a station that had a mix of the old country and 90's country without all the commercials. Now that Hank is here, I don't even need to turn XM country on. Hank is so much better. Please don't try and change or improve anything because what you are playing right now is perfect.

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